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Tai Chi Quan
M, Th 6-9pm
Class offered by
El Dorado County Recreation Dept.
Location: Placerville Town Hall. Call 530-000-000

Tai Chi Quan
M, Th 6-9pm
Class offered by
Durango, Colordado Recreation Dept.
Location: Durango Town Hall. Call 530-000-000

Bruce Boldon

Internal Martial Arts
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yang Style Tai Ji Quan
Chen Style Tai Ji Quan
Xin Yi Liu He Quan
Spiral Tai Ji, Qi Gong

The goal of everything that I teach is to be completely free. The internal martial arts form a potent method for changing the quality of your body and mind, and even our way of relating with the world.  When your energy flows without obstruction then your body can move freely and effortlessly. Your mind becomes open and relaxed. 

This feeling of calm and freedom should even be kept when an opponent is trying to control you.  Their attacks have no effect, and so they don’t evoke any fear or resistance. Or you could say that because you don’t have the normal fearful or aggressive reactions, other’s attacks have no effect. Other benefits of these martial arts are better health and a feeling of wellness.

Tai Ji and Xin Yi are called “internal martial arts” because they focus on developing the qualities of our inner being, which are the life energy (Qi in Chinese), the mind (Yi), and the Spirit (Shen). External martial arts rely on physical strength and the proper execution of techniques. While the arts of Tai Ji Quan and Xin Yi Liu He Quan do have techniques, the goal is to transform ourselves so that we don’t need to rely on either strength in applying techniques. Techniques seem to happen naturally and effortlessly.  These arts are a powerful form of Spiritual practice, and there is tangible objective feedback in two person practice called Pushing Hands; so you can really feel the results.